Barbara Deussen-Applestein


  Art meets philosophy  


Welcome to my virtual studio

Art meets philosophy - why?

The encounter of art and philosophy takes place inevitably: not because art can be subordinated as a theory to an admirably philosophical question, but because both forms of human expression strive for a discourse that promotes us - as an individual or as humanity in the world - demands us, gives us depth and meaning.

Art-creating, in this sense, is also potentially always philosophical. Therefore, my paintings also have little or no decorative purpose. They deal with themes that originate in individual history, but which build bridges and leave space for the viewer for own dealing with the subject, language of the form and expression of the works. For me, therefore, philosophy and art are bound together very closely by virtue of my CV and my daily life.

These pages invite you to a philosophical-artistic walk. Some topics are initiated by small texts, others remain simply open to the viewer.

Curriculum vitae

Born in Düsseldorf

Training at the Vocational School for Dance and Dance Pedagogy Ferenc Pergel, Düsseldorf

Study philosophy, art history, archeology and religious sciences at the universities of Cologne and Bonn

Work at the "Studiobühne Köln" i.a. with Sandra Dieken (Dance, Stage / Costume)

After completing the studies, followed by state exams, teaching Philosophy and Art at High school (Gymnasium)

Since 2000 study intervals in Israel and Switzerland

Since 2008 continuation of the studies at the Freie Kunstschule (Free School of Art) Köln

Numerous cultural educational and artistic projects since 1999, a.a. in the Philharmonic Köln, and Deutsche Opera am Rhein in Düsseldorf

Works predominantly in oil/acrylic, monotypes, drawings, Aquarell, ink